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April 29th, 2012

Super Retro For iPhone

March 21st, 2012

Super Retro ™


iPhone Retro Photo Apop

If you love taking photos with your iPhone this app is for you.  You can spice up a photo   with an easy to use interface and add a touch of the past.  Creating a vintage feel of on a photo just became a breeze.  You really gotta see it to believe it!



➫ Let your creativity blossom, create your own retro filters & save them for easy reuse.

➫ Our growing selection of presets allows for quick editing without much work. 
➫ Combining our filters & effects to get your unique look is really easy as well. 
➫ Add multiple filters on top of each other and create your own one-click-effects by adding them to your favorites.

➫ Get more details and light into the dark parts of your shots with the magical enhance feature.

➫ Save your own filter combinations and styles to the favorites tab.

★ CROP ★ 
➫ Smooth freeform mode, let’s you crop however you like. 
➫ Simple preset buttons for square, portrait, landscape and panorama ratio. 

➫ Fix an almost straight horizon with our fine-tuned rotate tool, rotate by as little as 0.5° with ease. 
➫ Simple 90° rotation button for when the iPhone doesn’t get the rotation right.

➫ Besides the usual camera features Super Retro allows you to separate Focus and Exposure for more control while taking a photo.


iPhone Retro Photo App iPhone Retro Photo App

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January 9th, 2012

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